The City of Purvis Streets Division is responsible for the installation and repair of streets, sidewalks, handicap ramps, mowing utility strips and right-of-ways, and street sweeping for streets within the Purvis jurisdiction. The city is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of storm drains, catch basins, and drainage ditches along city streets, rights-of-ways, and dedicated storm water easements.

Traffic Lights

MDOT Engineering Department replaces traffic light bulbs in the city. Call 601-359-1454 to report a traffic light not functioning.

Street Signs

The Streets Division erects and maintains traffic, directional, and street name signs throughout the city. To report sign damage, theft, or request installation call 601-794-2472. Report fallen or missing stop signs immediately to 601-794-2472.


Report potholes by calling 601-794-2472.

Street Paving

The city uses a priority list to decide which streets to pave. It is broken down by a score which is provided during street inspection, which is called the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) Study. The streets are scored on cracks, raveling, ruts, and ride ability to just name a few.

After the inspection is completed, each street is given a score from 0 to 100. The lower the score, the higher the street would be placed on the paving list.