Code Enforcement
The City of Purvis peruses code enforcement to help maintain the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. Code Enforcement helps maintain and improve the quality of life in Purvis by ensuring compliance with the City’s Code of Ordinances. The City of Purvis does this through fair and unbiased enforcement actions to correct violations and educate property owners on how to maintain compliance.

Submitting a Complaint
If you have a potential code violation that you want the City to investigate, you can call City Hall at 601-794-2472 or visit us in person at 136 Shelby Speights Drive. Please be prepared with specific details about the condition and location of the property in question.

Common Violations

Abandoned vehicles left on private property
Junked (dismantled or wrecked) vehicles which are inoperable
Accumulations of garbage or other refuse materials
Appliances, furniture, and mattresses placed on curbs without calling for a special pick-up
Any condition that may become a breeding place for pests or create an unsafe condition
Poorly maintained grass/weeds that reach 18 inches in height

Resolving Issues
The resolution timeline for code complains varies from case to case. If the subject of the enforcement action is a bona fide risk to public safety or public health, the response can be very swift as the City will exercise all of its governmental authority and policing powers.